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Adventures in Lithoprint

Updated: Nov 12, 2018

My print work on ceramic – Litho printing on clay

Homes: Housing in London is becoming a more important politically and socially pressing issue. With the rise of private investors creating dead spaces, unoccupied expensive flats- seen as commodities only, rather than homes, the rise of homelessness - it's a topic hard to ignore. There are new and exciting initiatives growing out of the need to address this. I have been in contact with one such initiative 'StART' who are based in Haringey, North London. They are a residents' led housing pressure group. Their intention is to obtain the land on the St Ann's hospital site which is ear marked for, mostly private, new housing. They wish this site to be 100% social housing and controlled and run by local residents. I'm very inspired by their drive and motivation and find them brilliantly resourceful. I am also interested in exploring how people interact with nature in an urban environment and how humans and nature intertwine in the city, so you will find this theme also appearing in the work. I went to the proposed site and took photos. My experiments with litho printing onto clay have transformed these photos into ceramic form. I have manipulated some of the images in Photoshop, also, to give a more abstract feel to some of the work, I see this as illustrating a metaphor as to how people can impact their environment to change the way people perceive their surroundings and live in them.

Finished piece (May 2018) with impressions of pressed plants from the site - images from photos of the site litho printed on

Pointing hand denotes being moved on by the authorities
The piece from a different angle. Pointing hand denotes being moved on by the authorities

Detail from another 'St Ann's' artwork

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